As we are now in the thick of winter, there has been a further exponential increase in COVID cases as well as influenza and other respiratory illnesses. With the ongoing community transmission of COVID 19, ATAGI has expanded the 4th dose Pfizer criteria to make it more readily available for patients that are >30 years of age and have had their third Pfizer dose >3 months ago, or who are 16 years and older who are severely immunocompromised, are now eligible to have their 4th dose.
We would encourage you to book in as soon as you can to protect yourself and have added the following dates,
Thursday 11 August 10:30am – 11:30am
We are now using Hotdoc for online bookings, appointments can be made at or Hotdoc – Grantham Street General Practice

We currently also have available stock for influenza vaccine. We would encourage you to book an appointment when you can to prevent the spread of influenza. Please note that the government’s free influenza vaccine for all patients ended in June. Patients are now only eligible for a free influenza if they fit the following criteria
– People aged six months to less than five years, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, pregnant women (any stage of Pregnancy), 65 years or older or people with medical conditions that put them at increased risk of complications with influenza(Cardiac disease, chronic respiratory illness, renal disease, cancers).

We are now using HotDoc for online bookings.

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